We are all about teaching YOU Haitian Creole… for free!

I LOVE the beautiful language of Haitian Creole, along with literally thousands of others who have been interested in Haiti and it’s culture before and after the earthquake. I want you to love it too!

So since there are so FEW resources for learning this beautiful Language, I created this modest site as a free resource for learning KREYOL!

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Thank you so much for developing this blog! I am going with a group from my church to Haiti in January and I’ve been trying to learn some Haitian Creole. The word pictures are really helping, as well as your pronunciation tips! 🙂 They’re great!


I am going to Haiti in April or May 2014 to serve the needs of an Orphanage there for 7-10 days ( I will be using my vacation time from work. Even though we have interpreters I want to deal with the kids a little more one on one. Because I am in my late fifties you can imagine the challenges I face learning a new language. Your blog is amazing. The mnemonics approach is exactly what I rely on to pick up some basic stuff….
Thank you for your blog and your heart for service.

Cauldesac, Idaho

Thanks! This was really easy to understand

-Jacqui, New Orleans

“Thank you for such a great learning resource” -Adam

Thank you so much. I subscribed to bonswa, I just want to say that this site because my boyfriend is Haitian and we both struggle to communicate through each other’s language. We have used apps but found that the creole they use is not what he knows….this site has proven to be most accurate and has been a BIG help for us.(are there any apps in the making?) Anyway for months, when we talk about what we should eat I have been saying rice as ‘ziri’ so thank you for today’s lesson. Now I know to say DIRI(as yes Im finding out Haitian like Trinidadians eat a lot of rice)…..the pictures are such a great help for helping me remember….. with that being said: can you recommend any books, or apps my boyfriend can use to help him learn English better? You website helps(love the double translation on the same page) …”Thank you for all your help.

Respectfully, Nicole

Thank you all for making this site what it is!

Please feel free to submit your personal memory aids, lessons and/or stories if you would like them to be published. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

What do you think about the site?


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  1. Hi Zack. I’m a friend of Noemi (tyler texas noemi) and my roommate is in the haitian creole class here in NY. I’ve referred her to this site and i hope this healps her with her goal. Thank you for the resource!!! lorena valdez

    • Lorena, thank you for sharing it! I hope it helps your friend.
      As you can see the site is in its beginning stages now. Hopefully, more people will start to contribute their own memory aids similar to the way nursing students share flash-cards/acronyms/mnemonics that they have invented. I will try to spend most of my time
      Doing Haitian Creole Lessons on Grammar, Pronunciation so forth 🙂
      Im open to ideas for the blog so tell your friends they can email me with content, ideas and suggestions 🙂

      -Zack Z

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