Back After 3 YEARS! & Exciting Announcements

Are you surprised to be seeing a post? Did you think I had died?


If you so, I don’t blame you…. ITS BEEN 3 YEARS!


Im back with 3 exciting announcements as well!


   A few years ago this site gained so much attention in such a short amount of time, with letters of thanks flooding in from all over the world by all kinds of people who wanted to learn this language for all kinds of different reasons; was cited by respected journalists, Creole authorities and reposted by Haitian Culture Advocates; and at its VERY PEAK reached a day with over 6,000 unique views in only a day!


So it’s only natural that ones would ask questions like:


“Where in the world did that silly Haitian Creole guy go?”

“Why did he stop posting without notice or explanation?”

“Is he ok?”


  After 3 years I’m here to answer these questions as well as make a few announcements about the future of this site. Let’s start with the answers…

To start, I am not dead and I am more than ok, Im great!

Why did I disappear without explanation?

The short answer is that I got busy


   The less vague explanation is that I was accepted to a 2 month training school that I consider to be very prestigious. This program required 100% of my attention from 6:30am to Midnight for 8 weeks. Soon after, I started dating with marriage in sight and was focused on making that a success. Eventually we had a wedding and am happily married. Since then we have done the one thing that most couples dream of doing after the wedding which is travel the world. We have seen various states and 5 countries. So to answer the question “Where in the world have I been?” Well I’ve been in tons of places!


    However, every week, for 3 years, this site has been popping into my mind because I love to teach language. Not publishing has been bothering me…  


What now?


    Well, now, I’m back, and although I can’t promise any deadlines, I’m bringing new stuff….exciting stuff.


    Without drawing this out any longer, I have 3 announcements regarding the future of this site:


1) This website is getting a complete makeover! Currently It’s UGLY. I know. I mean when you initially land on the page, it isn’t that bad, but once you start to navigate and read you realize that overall it’s not as organized as it could be and I need to do something about that. So as you read this, we are working on a complete new look. This includes the memory aids that served as a very practical proof of concept but ultimately need to be redone. All of it!

2) There are 2 new products on the way that are going to be the best Haitian Creole learning products for beginners available. In fact, one of these publications is based on research that has never been published on the language of Haitian Creole and I’m very excited to give the product to the world. Both projects I’m keeping a secret until they get a little further along. But I can promise you two things about these future products. First, they will be incredibly practical and easy to understand and second, both will be very cheap. I’m so excited about these that it’s hard not to tell what they are!

3) We are publishing on Instagram now! I’ve already published a few new memory aids that are currently only available to see on my Instagram account, so go follow me! @MemorizeHaitianCreole


Even though my hiatus was absolutely the correct decision to take in my life, I’d like to end this post with an apology to all those who waited so long, I’m sorry; so here we go again!

In the meantime, if you want to give back to this site, consider buying Pimsleur Haitian Creole through our affiliate link below and a portion of whatever you purchase comes to us to keep this site alive and running 🙂






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