Ever Heard Haitian Creole Music? This Is My Friend Named “Majeste” from Haiti

Here is a video of my Haitian friend named “Majeste”. He is a musician that tends to sing Reggae music but in the Haitian Creole language! I had never heard of that mix until I met him.

In this particular video he is singing an acoustic song in the beautiful language of Haitian Creole

I met Majeste while he was living in the Dominican Republic and I would go to his house and we talked a lot about music. He’s a very laid back guy who always is smiling!

He loves the Guitar and not only records music, but plays live too!

How the Word Music Relates to the Creole Word For Music. Interesting!

I suppose I should take the opportunity now to share a few related Creole words:

Guitar = Gita (pronounced With hard “g” Gee-tah)

Play = Jwe (pronounced) ju-eh

Li jwe gita = He plays the guitar

Until next time 🙂


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