Grammar Lesson PART #1 – Making Words Plural





Im not saying “Yo whats up” !!! Im saying Yo as in the Creole word “Yo” :p

We need to know the word “Yo” in order to make Creole words PLURAL. Before explaing how to do so, you first need to know exactly what “yo” means.

What does “Yo” mean?

Yo literally means “Them”, “Those”, “They”. Example: They talk with me – Yo pale avek mwen

Meaning, “yo” refers to more than one of anything/anyone. (as a side note, it can also have another meaning when talking about possesion, but that is another lesson for another day.)

How do you make a Creole word Plural?

Easy, add the word yo after any Noun 🙂 Example: Bird = Zwazo; Birds = Zwazo yo *

(literally “Bird them” or more loosely translated “those Birds”)

Basically, putting “yo” after a Noun is the same as putting “s” or “es” after an english word to make it plural.

Thats it 🙂 VERY EASY!

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Bon Nwit!


*reference BT book (bh-CR) pg. 8/ch. 1

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