Haitian Creole • Pronunciation 101 • VOWELS


Haitian Creole pronunciation is relatively easy for English speakers!


Most of the sounds in Haitian Creole already exist in English! This is one of the great things that makes Creole such an easy language to learn compared to many others!

Below are the unaccented vowels along with a recording of how they are pronounced


a = “ah” as in Dot
Creole example: Pale [pah-lay]


e = “eh” as in Day
Creole example: Gade[Gah-dey

i = “ee” as in see
Creole example: Li [Lee]


o = “oh” as in Ocean
Creole example: Kote [koh-tey]


ou = “ooh” as in moon
Creole example: kimoun [key-moon]


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è ò

Want to learn the the proper difference between e and è?

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  1. Angeli,

    Thank you for commenting! Congratulations on being able to speak Creole. We too here at Memorize Haitian Creole speak the language. In fact, all the people that make the final revisions to the lessons we post are Haitians born on the beautiful island of Hispaniola.
    Anyways, you are correct, those are some of the translations of those words . However, Im still a bit confused as to why you have defined these words for us on this particular article, which didn’t make any references to these words you mentioned..
    It is a possibility that you are trying to make a correction to a typographical error that is found in another section of this site. Personally, I make typographical errors frequently and would not be surprised to find out that they exist here and have been over looked by a reviser as well. If that is the case, I would encourage you to leave your thoughts in comment form on the appropriate posting corresponding to the typo you have found 🙂

    Comments, ideas, suggestions and typographical error corrections are always welcome 🙂


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