Haitian Creole • SURVIVAL WORDS (Part 1) • The First 7 Words You Should Know

7 Haitian Creole Words You Need To Know Before Learning Any Other Words (With Pronunciation)


1. Mwen = Me / I

(Memory Aid: The word Me is found in the word Mwen. Also it helps some people to remember the word Mwen, the fact that it comes from the French word Moi meaning Me)


2.) Ou [pronounced: ooh] = You

(Memory Aid: The word Ou is found in the word You and it sounds very similar the word “you” said in english/spanish/french You/Vous [voo]/Tu [too]/Usted[oo-sted])


3.) Li [pronounced Lee] = Him /her

(Memory Aid: You know anyone named Lee? Probably so, HE has a pretty common name then. Do you know any Girl named Lee? If you do then SHE has a weird name. You would probably think “HER name is Lee?!?”


4.) Yo = They / Them

(Memory Aid: imaging you see a group of Haitian people talking to each other in Creole and you think to yourself “Yo! THEY can teach me Creole!


(Feel free to leave a comment with your own memory aids for the words below)

5.) Nou [pronounced Nooh kinda like “new”] = We/Us/Y’all


6.) La [lah]= Here (sometimes “the” depending on context


7.) Sa [sah] = This/that


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