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You WILL learn Haitian Creole EASY


What makes the above sentence future tense?

One word: Will

It seems pretty easy in English right? Well good news, in Haitian Creole it is exactly the same! By adding one word before the verb, it makes it future.


Thats it. Add “Pral” before a verb and that makes it future tense!

Basically we can say that Pral = will


Ou pral pale kreyòl = You willspeak Creole
Ou pral wé = You will see
Ou pral manje bannann = You will eat banana
Ou pral koute mizik = You will listen to music

“tout moun ki nan tonm souvni yo pral tande vwa li, epi y ap soti”* = “…they will hear…”

SIMPLE right?!

As a review:

Mwen pale kreyòl = I speak creole

  Mwen te pale kreyòl = I did speak creole

 Mwen pral pale kreyòl = I will speak creole

If you missed the lesson #2 on speaking in the Past Tense here it is How To Speak In The Past Tense • Haitian Creole • Lesson #2

Now you can speak in the Present, Future, and Past Tense in Haitian Creole!

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*Reference BT Book (bh-CR) Ch. 7/pg.17


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