Memorizing The Beautiful Language of Haitian Creole

Why learn Haitian Creole?

    Haitian Creole is a beautiful language that is growing everyday! Many people want to learn French, but they don’t realize how hard it can be if they are not physically living in a French-speaking area. However, Haitian Creole is much easier to learn and gain fluency than French. Why?  Haitian Creole is a French based language since it used to be a pigeon French; or in other words a SIMPLIFIED French mixed with some African. For any one desiring to learn French should really consider learning Haitian Creole 🙂

Why do I use the word “Memorize” when I say “Memorize Haitian Creole” instead of saying “learn Haitian Creole”? 

Memorizing vocabulary is the fundamental basis of learning any language. This Blog is the best site on the internet for helping some one Memorize Haitian Creole words 🙂

hai haiti2

 Haiti is a country that has so much potential and has a beautiful culture that is not going to die anytime soon. For whatever reason you are interested in learning Haitian Creole, Kontinye aprann kreyol!


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