How Do You Say “NEED” in Haitian Creole? ! • With Memory Aid!

How To Say “NEED” In Haitian Creole

Need = Bezwen (pronounced behz-wehn)

Memory aid:


Remember that the most memorable memory aids tend to be goofy and don’t always get you the exact word. Rather, they help lead you to the information you are trying to store in your mind and sometimes leave a little space for you to finish making the connection 🙂 Last night I tested my most recent creole memory aids on a 13 year old friend of mine who knows no Creole. In about one minute he memorized a short list of Haitian words with nothin but these pictures!

Many of my friends as well, who are not learning creole, have visited my site just to see what it looks like. Those friends usually tell me that even though they are not interested in the language, they found themselves days later recalling the words they say in the memory aids available here!

In addition, others who are actively learning Haitian Creole have reached out to me to inform me of how much they appreciate this site. I’m glad to know that these aids are useful 🙂

Have a good day!


p.s. Last month this site received a huge ammount of views. In one particular day alone it had over 1,400 views! Thank you all who visit and support this beautiful language!

  1. Keep them coming! My original memory aid for this word was BEES WHINE because they NEED honey. Your memory aid is closer to the pronunciation. Good one! When are you coming out with an app for all these memory aid flash cards? Hint, hint!

    • Dear Alison,
      Its great to hear that you are actively trying to memorize Haitian Creole vocabulary! This is very commendable! If you ever have any memory aids that you would like to share on this site please email me and I would love to publish them!
      Your thought about releasing a Haitian Creole app is a fantastic idea! That is something that I will keep in mind as the blog continues to grow and build content. If ever such an app did get published your suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂 If we did develop an app, what features would you like it to have and how would you like it to funcion?
      As far as the immediate future of the blog, since it seems to have been a relatively succesful and useful site, we are currently in the process of self-hosting our site and getting a domain name registered.
      In the mean time, suggestions and ideas are always welcomed! Also Thank you again for making use of the site and giving us feedback!

      Your friend,

      – Zakari

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