How Do You Say PAIN in Haitian Creole? • (Memory Aid)

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This word choice was inspired by one of our dear subscribers Tony Ingram from Cauldesac, Idaho

He will be going to Haiti in May of 2014 to help Haitian orphans. Hats off to ya Tony! So today I read a very nice comment he wrote me about his plans and it got me thinking a little bit about volunteer efforts that are being realized daily in Haiti. Specifically, I was imagining how that many of these volunteers are in fact coming from English speaking countries and will be struggling trying to find the right words to aid the physical/emotional needs of those in Haiti. This inspired me to make an effort to make memory aids for words that would be vital in these kind of situations.

So here is the word I chose today:

How to say Pain in Haitian Creole

Pain = Doulè


If you have any suggestions for words just let me know in the “What the Whaaaaat” section of the site!

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Pimsleur – Haitian Creole

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