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           How To Say  “Rice” in Haitian Creole

  If you have any plans to use the Haitian Creole that you are learning, you more than likely are hoping to associate to some degree with Haitian people. If this is the case, you will find out that rice is a staple food in the Haitian culture. Therefore, this word will be important for you know.

            Rice = Diri.   (Pronounced Dee-wree)

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  1. Recently in Haiti, I asked how to say “be nice” to some kids who were fussing with each other. Our translator said to say (phonetic spelling) s-ah-j. Can you explain with correct spelling please?

  2. Thank you so much. I subscribed to bonswa, I just want to say that this site because my boyfriend is Haitian and we both struggle to communicate through each other’s language. We have used apps but found that the creole they use is not what he knows….this site has proven to be most accurate and has been a BIG help for us.(are there any apps in the making?) Anyway for months, when we talk about what we should eat I have been saying rice as ‘ziri’ so thank you for today’s lesson. Now I know to say DIRI(as yes Im finding out Haitian like Trinidadians eat a lot of rice)…..the pictures are such a great help for helping me remember….. with that being said: can you recommend any books, or apps my boyfriend can use to help him learn English better? You website helps(love the double translation on the same page) but he doesn’t have regular access to a computer. Thank you for all your help.


    • Nicole,

      First of all, I want to tell you that you are my hero!


      I say this because having a friendship with a person or people of a different culture is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. Personally, I am a man whos life is dedicated to traveling the world, meeting people and learning languages. There is no comparasion! You, however, have even started a relationship with someone who’s first language isn’t your language. I applaud you! If I could high five you right now… I would.

      Second, thank you for the compliments on the site. It is always encouraging to hear that someone appreciates the work put into this blog 🙂 I’m glad you find it useful.

      Ok, so let’s answer your question…

      Are there any books or apps that your Haitian boyfriend can use to help him learn English better?

      Essentially he would need a book or app that has been published for Haitians (in the Haitian Creole language) explaining/teaching English. I’m going to be honest, I’m not fimiliar with any Haitian Creole educational resources for teaching English. However, one idea does pop into my head. It is a possibility that he speaks French as a second language from French immersion in school. (He may speak it perfectly). If that is the case, that he is comfortable reading and communicating French, there are many resources for French speakers to learn English. I’m sure a quick google search could show you many options.

      My recommendation to learn any language, ultimately, is going to be complete immersion (armed with just a dictionary). I don’t know if he is living close to you or not. I assume close since you mentioned having conversations about food. Is that the case? If so, the best thing for him learning English is going to be his constant association with you.

      The same goes for you with your Creole. The best Haitian Creole tool you have is your constant association with him, armed with a Kreyol dictionary… and obviously your subscription to this blog 😛

      You mentioned a Haitian Creole app…

      We are currently working on a beta version for an app. So if you have any idea for it, now would be the time to tell us what you think.


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