How Do You Say To Lose (or Lost) in Haitian Creole? • Memory Aid Picture!

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Here is another memory aid…

How to say “to lose” in Haitian Creole (as in to lose an object)

Pèdi = To Lose (something)

te pèdi = Lost


Usually the pears I eat don’t have the letter D on them so this one should be crazy enough to remember 😉

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  1. Hello! Just a ? Learning Kreyol with no French educational background creates challenges, the è sound in this case for an English speaker is the “ear” in pear a good close sound? It sounds more like a cross between ear and err in my ear? Just curious! Thanks for your hard work! When I start digging into my Kreyol studies again, this next week, I can start sharing with some interesting WT kreyol words with deeper meaning!

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