How Do You Say “WHY” in Haitian Creole? (I bet you’ll remember this one!) • Memory Aid!

                              How To Say “Why In Haitian Creole

                         Why = Poukisa   (pronounced pooh-kee-sah)

                         It’s going to be hard to forget this picture…


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  1. Ewww. Well, It’s memorable, for sure! Zakari, I was thinking one of the best things about an app would be to have native speaker audio with your flashcards. There is a Haitian Creole app for emergency workers and it works pretty well with native speakers giving phrases and sentences with learner assessment that is built in to gauge frequency of repetition on the flash cards. However, it is only audio and written word. Your system is unique in that it has pictures, too. Have you ever looked at The Learnables language study curriculum? It is based on hearing first, along with visual aid. You aren’t even supposed to try to say the words until you have heard the language for awhile. This is how babies learn their mother tongue and it has been proven to be the best way to learn to speak another language without an accent. Anyway, food for thought! Keep me posted!

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