Grammar Lesson #2 How to speak in the PAST TENSE (Its Easy!)



If you ever took Spanish or French in school, you more than likely hate the word conjugation. Right?

GOOD NEWS, the beautiful language of Haition Creole does not conjugate its verbs, or in other words the verbs dont change depending on time or condition. Even english conjugates it’s verbs.

Example: I talk / Yesterday I talked

So how does one speak using the past tense in Haitian Creole?

It’s as EASY as “Te”

Yes, just those 2 letters!

By SIMPLY adding this word “te” before any verb, it makes the sentence past tense.

Even though in English we typically speak in the past tense by adding “ed” at the end of a word, the creole word “te” is easier to remember by relating it to the English word “did”.


Mwen te pale = I did talk
Mwen te wé = I did see
Mwen te manje = I did eat
Mwen te koute = I did listen

“…ou te kreye…”* = You did create

That is it!!! Now you can speak in the past tense in Haitian

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*Reference BT Book (bh-CR) pg. 15/ch.17