NEW Haitian Creole Song by Wyclef Jean – “Bagay Nef”” (I can’t stop listening to it)

For all my Creole students and casual learners,

Here is your homework for this week:

1.) Listen to this new Creole song Bagay Nèf.

2.) See how many Haitian words you can understand

3.) Dance to it (required)

Dance to it? Yes. As I always say, the more you learn to love the culture of your target language and the more you involve yourself in it, the faster you will learn.

In fact, in my life I have personally met many people who have spent years learning a language while living around daily opurtunities to practice the language and yet their linguistic skills were lacking.


Their lack of involvement & LOVE for the culture impeded their language learning!

This song doesn’t fall into the rap genre like the last song I posted. This song has a very catchy typical Haitian/Caribbean feel!

So here it is, “Bagay Nef” (I can not stop listening to this song!)

I would like to know what you think about this song!



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