New Haitian Creole SONG Released by Wyclef Jean! • (Hear It First Here!) • “Yon let pou Ayiti”

  Dear Haitian Creole learners & friends,

   Once again I will say this (and it won’t be the last time), a vital part of learning to really MASTER a language is to learn the culture withen the language. If your serious about learning creole and speaking it WELL, you must learn to love the culture!

    Here below you will hear a NEW song that Wycleff Jean (probably the worlds most famous Haitian) just released! If your familiar with him and his music, or possibly the music he made with the fugees, you know he usually produces music that falls in the HIP-HOP/R&B genre.

• It is called “Yon let Pou Ayiti” = A letter for Haiti

    This song seems to be more along the lines of Hip-hop/rap catagory, so it may not be your cup of tea. Now even if that’s the case, I recommemed you listen to this particular song at least once, because Wyclef really did this one with a lot of emotion which beautifully brought out the strong deep-rooted feelings that defines the culturally rich language of Haitian Creole.


• About song:

“A letter for Haiti” A personal letter written to Haiti from Wyclef, addressing issues about the earthquake-that hit the country, the presidential race, the elections, accusations against yele haiti, and his plans to help the country in the future. Released from the upcoming Haitian version of April Showers.



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