I’m excited to announce that we will have a few products on the way in the future but we have a few things to take care of before releasing them such as a complete website makeover that is underway now!

In the mean time, if you are looking for something additional to help you learn Haitian Creole and want to support our site and keep this site alive, I recommend purchasing Pimseur Haitian Creole on Amazon by clicking the add below. If you purchase this product through this ad within 24 hrs of clicking it, a small portion of that transaction, including anything else you buy, will go back to this site and help me pay for monthly costs of keeping this site alive. I would never recommend a product if I didn’t like it myself. I have this product for Haitian Creole and it helps a lot with adjusting your ear to understanding this language and helping you pronounce correctly. Its a perfect marriage: Visual Memory Aid Learning + Pimsleur = Speaking Haitian Creole like a boss!