The “Haitian Creole” Song That Changed My Life…


If this song doesn’t make you want to learn Haitian Creole and move to the Haiti then you simply are not human!

  This song is named “Yele” by Wycleff Jean who is quite possibly the most famous and influenctial Haitian who has ever lived

      This song was written way before the earthquake, as Wycleff was trying to exress to the world the situation that has always existed in Haiti. You may have seen the pictures of the poverty, or after earthquake dissaster, but I bet you haven’t seen the beautuful side of the country and culture that gives Haiti it beautiful potential!

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Kontinye aprann kreyol!!!!


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  2. I would love to learn konpa! (Is that the same as kompa?) i love the culture, music, people, good,
    men espesyel kè yo nan moun la! (But especially The hearts of the people!) m’ fè efò!

    • Ariel,

      Yes i mean kompa! Thanks for finding that typo. I’m sure there are many around the site. Please let me know when u find them :p
      You are right, haitian people are great!

      Thanks Sister 🙂


  3. Actually I have seen it spelled both ways many times looking for musik on iTunes,, just wanted to make sure it was one and the same! 😉 there are a few words I see spelled in different ways.

    Ok now what is zouk? Compared to konpa?

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