What is the difference between “TANPRI” and “SOUPLE”?

What is the difference between “Tanpri” and “Souple”? -Alison

Dear Alison,

That is a fantastic question! Thank you for asking! I thought that this was such a good question that I wanted to write an article on it 🙂

Tanpri & Souple are synonyms which both mean “please”.

Tanpri is used more frequently than Souple.

You can use both interchangeably.


For some Haitians there is a slight difference.

Some Haitians may tell you that there is absolutely no difference, and others will tell you that Tanpri is slightly LESS formal than Souple.

The important thing is that you can use either one in any circumstance and you won’t be wrong either way 🙂

It may also interest you the origin of these two words to understand why there are TWO ways to say “Please”

Both derive from French

•Souple is from the French sentence “S’il vous plaît” that means “if it pleases you”. Which is basically a form of saying please.

•Tanpri comes from the French phrase “Je t’en prie”, which means “I beg you”. (Thanks to Mireya Cota for the French References)

I hope this was helpful to you!

Kontinye aprann kreyòl!!!


•If the French/Haitian Creole relation interest you, then you will like my research I did here The Surprising Relationship Between English/French/Haitian Creole


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